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Nambudripad's Allergy Research Foundation has Categorized NAET practitioners in to four levels based on experience and competency:

1.The entry level NAET practitioner is the Nambudripad's Allergy Reaserch Member. Defined by the NAET website as :

"NAR Foundation members have undertaken basic training in NAET. It is possible that they may not have maintained current classes or education. They definitely have not presented yearly before/after lab or picture results."

2. The second level NAET practitioner is the Associate of NAET. Defined by the NAET Website as     

"Associates of NAET are trained in acupressure and NAET, however have not maintained yearly before/after lab or picture results. They have maintained current classes and education as well."

3.  Advanced level NAET Practitioner is the Certified Practitioner of NAET. Defined by the NAET Website:

"Certified practitioners of NAET are proven, through presentation of yearly before/after picture or lab results, and trained in acupressure as well as NAET. In addition, they have maintained current classes and education through NAET."

4. The most advanced level of NAET practitioner is NAET Instructor:

​​NAET Instructors are fully trained and competent 
NAET practitioners who have the authority to provide proper treatment for patients as well as guidance and hands on training for practitioners in terms of NAET protocols and methods.

Additionally the number of NAET SYMPOSIUMS attended gives the NAET practitioner access to the latest in research from NAET practitioners globally. (seen at the bottom of the practitioner profile at https://www.naet.com/Patients/locator.aspx

In choosing a NAET practitioner many factors should be considered, such as proximity to your home, number and level of seminars attended, 

Dr. Levent Erdogan's NAET Profile:

NAET Instructor since  2017

Certified NAET Practitioner since 2007

Bachelor of Science  1988 University of Massachusetts

Doctor of Chiropractic 1993 Life University School of Chiropractic

Board Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The Chinese Medicine Continuing Education as required by Nambudripad's Allergy Research Foundation 2012

Dr. Erdogan was personally trained by Dr, Devi Nabudripad in learning the the techniques to help eliminate people's suffering.

Levent Erdogan Chiropractor
Levent Erdogan Chiropractor

Dr. Levent Erdogan, NAET Instructor

Levent Erdogan Chiropractor


Dr Levent Erdogan